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Fish Tank is a simple simulation of Artificial Life. It was initially suggested by Mitchel Resnik to explore the notion of Distributed Constructionism. The Fish Tank contains fish that swim around, sharks that also swim around and occasionally get hungry and eat the little fish, caves, weeds and rocks. AgentSheets users are encouraged to contribute to the growing collection of things for the Fish Tank. Several people have already contributed a number of agents, such as different types of fish and killer weeds.



  • Screen Saver


  • Watch the fish closely; can you feel a presence?
  • Create your own fish or creature of the sea.
  • Create your own backgrounds for your Fish Tanks.


Genetic Algorithms were built in AgentSheets using the Fish Tank simulation by extending the Visual AgenTalk language. With these extension, you can create adaptive creatures and explore genetic algorithms. For more information, visit the AgentSheets Genetic Evolutionary System (AGES) web site.