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The Mountain Biking Advisor project illustrates the idea of using agents to access and process Web-based information without the need for a traditional Web browser. Agents not only access information for you but they can also process and interpret information making the difference between existing and relevant information.

This type of application, especially when running on wireless PDAs and cell phones becomes your Mojo providing you with the (magical) power to deal with complex, changing information spaces. On machines equipped with speech recognition and speech output you can simply talk with your agents to make them get information from the Web.


  • Pragmatic Web applicaiton


  • The “Boulder County, Colorado, USA” worksheet recommends the best place for mountain biking at the current time. Press the Step button and all the agents will go out and collect information. The compass agents show you the current wind direction. The bike location agents analyze weather conditions and recommend if you should go there and what you should wear to fully enjoy your biking trip. Most of the sensor information comes from the National Center for Atmospheric Research.
  • The “Work” worksheet contains a stock checking agent. Press the Step button to trigger your agent. If the stock is lower than a certain threshold the agent will compose an email and launch your email program.

More information

  • Making Mojo flier: PDF flier about using agents to extract dynamically changing data from the Web and processing it into personally meaningful information.
  • The Pragmatic Web: PowerPoint presentation on the vision of the Pragmatic Web.