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The Scalable Game Design Summer Institute 2012 is a program that brings technology and content (STEM, Language Arts) teachers from elementary, middle, and high schools together to learn about how to use game design for computer science education and computational thinking in other disciplines (e.g. Math and Science). Thanks to the generous funding by the National Science Foundation, AgentSheets, Inc., Shodor, and the University of Colorado, this is the 4th annual summer institute for the Scalable Game Design project.

This year, the new participants were challenged to learn and master 2D game design in the first three days of the 2012 Summer Institute. Then the experienced participants from previous years joined the group in the second half of the week (Thursday+) to expand their knowledge of STEM simulation design with renowned speaker Dr. Robert Panoff from SHODOR using both 2D AgentSheets and 3D AgentCubes, and learn about the future of the project. In the last couple of years, experienced teachers were asked to lead the Summer Institute's various modules, such as a Frogger, and to support new teachers as they learn game design. Peer leadership and mentoring successfully motivates new teachers, who in turn gets students in school interested in computer science and game design, advanced game design (such as Sokoban, Pacman and Space Invaders), and computational science (building scientific simulations and using them to collect and analyze data).

Dates & schedules for this year's Summer Institute:

Grading Guidelines

Since participants are getting credit for the Summer Institute class, they are required to submit assignments for grading. The grading criteria are presented during each Summer Institute.




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