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Topic: STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math) classification for indexing relevant cores covered under each Agentsheets Projects: 

Presently science projects developed either by students or teachers don't have the index of core topics covered under the umbrella of STEM posted on the site of scalable game design website. It would have been easier for the future teacher implementers of the agentsheets program to glance through the index and find out the relevant core curriculum topics covered as well as their difficulty level if indexed properly. For example, the simulation of a motor can be indexed as (Technology:-electro-mechanical contraption, Engineering:- flow of electrons under magnetic induction, Math:- equation of electricity generated, equation of angular momentum/velocity/inertia/acceleration etc.) This would help to choose the project(s) that have multiple intra science subjects/topics covered satisfying the essence of STEM program instead of just focussing only on one topic or core standard. Feel free to opine.