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When and where will the Summer Institute take place?

Summer Institutes for the Scalable Game Design project take place at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Specifically:

  • Summer Institute 2009: June 1-12

Suggested Early/Late arrive times for non-commuters?

Where do we stay? Who is assigning rooms? Are they double, Single?

  • in the CU dorms, specifically Sewall Hall
  • Vicki will assign rooms
  • general rule: teachers get a single; students share a double.

Where do we park? Will we need a pass?

  • if you come by car you will get a pass
  • on-campus residents will receive passes and directions when they check in
  • commuters will park in Parking lot 436 by the Engineering Center (across Regent drive on the east side of the Engineering building). They will receive passes on the first day of class, as they arrive on campus (either first or second week). Members of the project team will meet

Who do they check in with?

  • Vicki will meet you at Sewall Hall from 3pm-7pm on Monday 5/31/10 and Sunday 6/6/10
  • if you are running late or need any further directions or information please call Vicki on her cell (303) 995-2802

How many meals do we have to cover?

  • We will provide most of the meals:
    • Lunch is covered for everybody
    • Breakfast is covered for on-campus residents
    • Some group dinners (mainly for on-campus residents, but commuters are welcome too)
    • For the rest of the dinners for on-campus residents, there will be an allowance of up to $25 to be reimbursed ONLY WITH RECEIPTS. Please keep in mind that alcohol cannot be covered by the project.

Payment? When do we get paid and by what means, check?

  • if you have filed your paperwork with Vicki on time, you will receive payment as follows:
    • week 1 + 2 participants: you will receive a check at the end of each week
    • week 2 participants: you will receive a check on the last day of the summer institute

How can non-local people cash their checks?

Reimbursement, what do we get reimbursed for and what receipts should they keep?

  • for non-local people, travel money based on mileage from your school
  • for on-campus residents, there will be an allowance for dinners not covered by the project of up to $25 to be reimbursed ONLY WITH RECEIPTS. Please keep in mind that alcohol cannot be covered by the project.

Laundry: where to wash clothes? Where to buy laundry soap? Closest grocery store?

  • the Sewall Hall has a place to wash clothes.
  • there are grocery stores close to the dorm: Nearby Grocery Stores

Will we need to bring our laptops?

  • if you have one, please bring it
  • If you are bringing a laptop, install AgentSheets on it before classes start. Registration codes will be emailed to you prior to your arrival to Boulder.

If we do have our laptops, will we have to pay for the software, since these will be personal copies?

  • The AgentSheets software will be given to you at no charge for the duration of the project

Will there be an arrival packet? Meaningful information for class/stay/etc.

  • You will get a packet via email and further information upon arrival

Maps to get to CU-Boulder and dorm location

Where can I eat?

  • Half Fast Subs - Large variety of sandwiches, with vegetarian and vegan options. Very close to campus, on The Hill.
  • Berry Best Smoothies - Great all fruit smoothie place. They also have burritos and some other food items. Fairly close to campus.
  • Twenty Ninth Street Mall - Just a Hop ride away, there are a lot of restaurants, shops, and a movie theater.
  • Pearl Street Mall Area - There are a large number of restaurants and shops at the Pearl Street Mall. Again you can take the Hop to get here quickly, but it is also walkable.
  • Various Restaurants

How do I get around Boulder without a car?

  • The Hop Buses - One of the easiest ways to get around Boulder is to use The Hop. It will take you to the Pearl Street Mall and also the 29th Street Mall areas.

One student wishes to commute (Ft. Lewis student who lives north of Boulder)

  • feel free to commute but lets us know and make sure you can still arrive in class on time

What if student has dietary restrictions?

  • The kitchen can accommodate but please let us know ahead of time

Are they expected to stay in the dorms over the weekend, if they are close to home or wish to drive home for the weekend?

  • you do not have to but if you are planning to leave please let us know ahead of time

Things to do in Boulder