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The Sustainopolis simulation is the beginning of a simple pollution model in which pollution is diffusing over time and space. Cars, trains, and factories are pollution sources contributing to pollution. Pollution sources can be moving, e.g., cars and trains, or can be stationary, e.g. factories. Forests are pollution sinks that decrease pollution. In order to visualize values and value changes, this simulation makes use of the new data visualization features of AgentSheets, including the ability to plot values over time and to colorize agents.

Using the simulation

  • Press the "P" key to show pollution plots: every location (house, factory, or forest) plots pollution over time.
  • Press the "C" key to show pollution colorization: Colorization is continuous and can produce any number of color variations (feel free to switch to thousands or millions of colors screen depth to see better gradient).
  • Press the "R" key to reset the display.


  • Open the "Plan 9" worksheet and run it. Add Factories, Houses, and Forests.
  • Build a new city: select road or train tracks and create a more complex world. Add Factories, Houses, and Forest agents where you thing is necessary and try to keep pollution low in your city.
  • Note what happens when cars queue up in front of a red traffic light.
  • Introduce a river with boats.