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The empty Worksheet is where we create the level for our Project.

Worksheet with street drawn inside

You can populate the the worksheet with agents by selecting the agent in the Gallery Window and then by using the pencil tool (found in toolbar to the top left) place a single agent or by using the filled rectangle tool (also found in the toolbar located at the top left) to have the agent cover a section of the screen-- as is done in the "street agent" figure to the right).

You can use the erase tool to clear individual agents or the clear button at the bottom right to clear the whole worksheet screen.

Once the agents are placed at the correct starting positions for a given level the worksheet should be saved. The worksheet window must be saved individually from the Gallery Window. Furthermore, It is possible to have multiple worksheets (or levels) for a single gallery.

Running and Stopping and Resetting a Program

At the bottom left of the Worksheet window there is a Stop and Play button. The Play button runs the program. The Stop button pauses the running program at a particular position. To reset the agents back to their default positions (the position of the agents when the worksheet was last saved) click the Reset button located on the bottom right.