AgentCubes Troubleshooting Session Guide

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You can follow along as the examples are demonstrated and use the margins to annotate your solutions. For each problem please try to answer: What happens, why, and what is a solution? Except where notd, these examples have companion demonstration AgentCubes projects with the same name as the problem number. There is a final section with questions unrelated to specific example projects, also without a companion project.

World Disappears

(Note: There is no example project for this problem.)

The student starts playing the game
Problem 01 a.JPG

The student moves the frog to the goal and receives the congratulatory message

Problem 01 b.JPG
The student then taps ‘OK’ and sees this:

Problem 01 c.JPG
What happened and why?

Frog won't move in all directions

After completing all the rules for moving the frog and ending the game, the student finds that the frog only moves in one direction; that is, the frog does not respond to the other arrow keys. Why?

Blank rule.png

Trucks stuck on top of right tunnel

Trucks are stacked on top of tunnel

You see the following after running the simulation for a short time. Why?

Problem 03.JPG

Truck on tunnel PLUS truck traffic jam

You see the following after running the simulation for a short time. Why?

Problem 03C.JPG

Sound in Loop, Message In Loop

Run the simulation and move the frog in front of a truck. Then try moving the frog onto the water. Finally move the frog onto the flag. What happens and why? How is the third problem above different from the other two? What are the implications in schools for with PCs with the Task Manager locked down?
Problem 04 example.JPG

Early game play difficulties

Stuck in loop after frog–truck collision

In this example, shortly after the simulation starts, the behavior of the frog colliding with the truck occurs (honk sound and world reloading) repeatedly until the stop simulation button is tapped. All you see is the starting screen:
Problem 04.JPG

Extra frogs appear

Alternatively, after starting the simulation and pressing an arrow key one or more additional frogs appear in the world.
Problem 05A.JPG
What is happening and why?

Trucks appear more frequently than expected

You start the game and huge numbers of trucks start appearing on the road. Why?
Problem 05D.JPG

Once Every and % chance combinations

We want the island and bridge agents to generate new log and turtle agents, respectively, 50% of the time once every 0.6 seconds, which means an average of about every 1.2 seconds, but with some randomness. When we run the simulation, we see that log generation seems to be working properly; that is, there is random spacing between logs. However, turtles seem to be generated much more regularly and with little spacing. Why?
Problem 06.JPG

Clock problems:

A “once every” example

Will this agent’s color change back and forth between red and green? If not, why not, and can you fix it?
Problem 07.JPG Problem 07 solution a.JPG

Another “once every” example

Which way will the Mover agent move every second? What do you think the intent of this behavior is? Will it work? If not, can you fix it?
Problem 07.JPG Problem 07 solution c.JPG

Changing to different agent doesn't work

Problem 08.JPG
Suppose we have two frog agents a “Frog” and “Superfrog”, and a pellet agent, as seen in the project agent list at the left. The pellet allows the frog to become a superfrog.
When the frog eats (sees to its right) a pellet we want the frog to become a superfrog. So, we write the rule in the frog behavior.
Problem 08.solution 1.JPG

The Superfrog can swim in water and can’t be killed by trucks etc. (See Superfrog behavior below.)
When the simulation runs, the frog seems to change into a superfrog, but when the frog moves in front of a truck or jumps on the water, it dies? The superfrog behavior rules are 100% correct. You can test this if you use the pencil tool to place a superfrog in front of a truck or on the water, it does not die. What is happening and why? How can this be corrected?
Superfrog behavior:
Problem 08 superfrog behavior.JPG

Unexplained Method Not Found error message

Method not found

Examine the behavior snapshot below.
Problem 09 solution 1.JPG
When the simulation runs, AgentCubes reports the message below. What specifically is this message describing? Why? What other similar problems can occur with other behavior conditions and actions?
Problem 09 solution 0.JPG

Simulation doesn’t end

Examine the behavior snapshot below. Run the simulation. Why doesn’t it stop?
Problem 09B.JPG

Other AgentCubes problems

Note: all problems in this section used the same sample project

Backwards operation

Open the project and run the simulation in each of these three worlds. Use the arrow keys to move the frog toward the river.
New world_1:
Problem 10 new world 1.JPG

New world_2:
Problem 10 new world 2.JPG
Standard world:
Problem 10 standard world.JPG

What do you observe? What is happening? Why? How did it get that way?

Key queuing (Windows systems)

Re-open the project from the previous example and, for ease of viewing, select “standard world” for this experiment:
Problem 10 standard world.JPG

Run the simulation and move the frog into the river. After the frog disappears, continue to press one of the arrow keys at least 10 times or until the following window appears:

Key queue full message 1.jpg

What is happening?

Opening a project with AgentCubes running (Windows), Exporting a project

First open AgentCubes and then open any project in the Chooser window. Next locate any project on your computer, such as one on the desktop or in your Documents folder. If you do not have any project folders other than those in the Chooser’s “container,” export any project by selecting the tools (gear icon at the bottom of the Chooser window. Navigate to a convenient folder in which file storage is permitted. When you select ‘Export Project’ you will see a successful completion message:
Exported project message.jpg

Close the message window and find the newly exported project folder. Open the folder and then try to open the project by double-clicking the index.project file. You will see the following message:

AC project already running on Windows.jpg

The AgentCubes application will close. Note that this does not occur on Macintosh systems. How does this affect teaching students how to open an AgentCubes project?