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Educational Tips for College Boys and Girls about Online Dating  

It’s one thing to embellish in your profile about the number of times you go to the gym, the amount of sushi you can consume, or your knowledge about baseball statistics, but it’s dating suicide to lie in your online dating profile about your salary, appearance, current relationship and family status. 

For example, if you write in your online dating profile that you run a successful hedge fund when you’re really the janitor at a hedge fund, your date with know when you can’t afford to pick up the tab at the expensive restaurant she suggested you take her to (because she thought you were rolling in dough). Unless you don’t ever expect to go out on an actual date, don’t write in your online dating profile that you’re three dress sizes smaller than you actually are, your date won’t even hang around to watch you finish your first cocktail. If you’re still technically married, even though you know for certain that things definitely won’t work out, click the box in your online dating profile that says separated and not single. And, if your family life means that you have custody every third weekend and on alternate holidays, make sure you write in your online dating profile that you have children. That’s one surprise no one wants to have on a third or fourth date, especially when you show up on the date with three kids in tow because it’s your Sunday.

And so, to all you avid online daters: if you’re really not that interested in attracting someone with a decent character, go ahead and lie in your online dating profile. We certainly can’t stop you. But, when it comes to dating and relationships, trust is an essential element in making things work. Don’t start things off on the wrong foot; be candid in your online dating profile. Abe was right: honesty is the best policy. We know you’ll thank us when you’re in an honest and loving relationship that started off on the right foot with a truthful online dating profile. Well here is one good and decent dating site: Buscar pareja por Internet